[Kehityspolitiikka] Fingo is now looking to recruit a trainee to the Bridge 47 team

Carita Kuusinen carita.kuusinen at fingo.fi
Pe Loka 15 16:51:54 EET 2019

Bridge 47 National Trainee / Finland

Finnish Development NGOs - Fingo is an NGO platform and an expert on global development. Fingo and its member organisations work to make life better - for everyone. The Bridge 47 project mobilises global civil society to contribute to global justice and eradication of poverty through global citizenship education.

Fingo is now looking to recruit a trainee to the Bridge 47 team, to help us make Bridge 47 more visible in Finland. The trainee will work for 37,5 hours a week for a 6-month period, starting from January 2020.

In this position, you will be assisting the Bridge 47 team in planning, organising, practical arrangements and reporting of Bridge 47 activities, events and trainings in Finland. You will also support us in communicating about Bridge 47 in Finland, including translating texts from English to Finnish. If your language skills allow, we will invite you to contribute to our European and global communications. As a trainee, you will also be asked to assist with various administrative and other practical tasks.

See the full announcement here:

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