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tässä kiinnostava mahdollisuus 18-30-vuotiaille nuorille päästä 
matkustamaan ympäri Baltiaa ja oppimaan kestävästä kulutuksesta ja 

*Baltic network for activists  - call for young participants*

Are you fed up with buying stuff that has been produced inan 
unsustainable way? Would you like to be part of an international project 
exploring new forms of activism to make global trade fair for all?

We are looking for young people aged 18-30 from Finland,Estonia and 
Latvia to be part of a unique project, where we will learn new methods 
to change the way global consumption and production is taking place. **


We will travel to each of these countries, learning from each other as 
well as from external experts on social media communication, 
subvertisement workshops and video making as a tool for campaigning.The 
first transnational meeting will take place in Raasepori, Finland on Nov 
2-4. We will hear from urban activist and producer Jaakko Blomberg (tbc) 
about how to use social media to get people together to create real life 
events. Subvertisment experts Jari Tamminen and Eeva Kemppainen will 
introduce us to the world of advertisements, parodies and their 
transformative power.

We ask all participants (eight from each country) to commit to the 
project for a full year, which means participating in two transnational 
meetings as well as two national meetings. In the process, you will 
learn new forms of activism with the aim to make global trade fair for 
all. All travel and meal costs will be covered by the project.

Want to join us in this exciting new project? Drop us an email by 
October 14and tell us why you want to get involved. You don’t need to be 
an expert on campaigning or global trade - an open mind and eagerness to 
learn is all that counts!

Contact person in Finland: Lotta Staffans

Email: lotta.staffans at eetti.fi <mailto:lotta.staffans at eetti.fi>

Phone nr: 040 573 0806

We look forward to hearing from you!

Pro Ethical Trade Finland (Eettisen kaupan puolesta ry) is an NGO 
working for fair trade, sustainable production and responsible 
consumption. The other partners are Mondo in Estonia and Friends of the 
Earth Latvia. The project is funded by the Erasmus+ programme of the 
European Union.

Larri Himma
viestinnän suunnittelija
Eettisen kaupan puolesta ry
larri.himma at eetti.fi
+358 40 7319 443

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