[kehitysmaaliike-l] INVITATION: 10March Meeting on water hyacinth invasion problem of Lake Tana, Ethiopia

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Meeting on water hyacinth invasion problem of Lake Tana, Ethiopia
10 March 2018 at 15:00

Lake Tana-is located on the Plateau of the north-western highlands of Ethiopia covering an area of about 3,150 km2. It holds 50% of the country's fresh water. It is also the source of the Blue Nile contributing up to 60% of its water. The lake has been listed in the top 250 lake regions of Global Importance for Biodiversity<https://cgspace.cgiar.org/handle/10568/21499>. It is an important water source for over 123 million people<http://mandalaprojects.com/ice/ice-cases/bluenile.htm> in the Nile Basin. Lake Tana has diverse uses - fishing, electric power generation, transportation, communal grazing land and drinking purpose. It has 28 species of fish, of which 21 are endemic.

Despite this unique biodiversity and its economic significance, the lake and the region surrounding the lake is under pressure from several environmental threats. The most pressing, amongst other, is the onset and spread of aquatic weed water hyacinth around fish spawning grounds.

So it is in light of these facts that The Ethiopian Association in Finland set up a committee to spearhead the effort of Ethiopians in the Finland in activities to control/eradicate water hyacinth from Lake Tana.
As part of its first activity, the committee has decided to organize a meeting to consult with all potential stake holders to identify a complementary role of Ethiopians and friend of Ethiopia in Finland in the broader world-wide effort to control and/or eradicate water hyacinth from Lake Tana.

So, it is with great expectation and pleasure we extend our invitation to you to attend this meeting which will be held on 10 march 2018 starting at 15:00 in Asukas Talo Mylläri hall located in Myllypuro center next to the metro station. The meeting is open for all who are interested. The meeting will be conducted and translation from English to Amharic and vise-versa will be provided.

Address: Kiviparintie 2 J, 00920 Helsinki.

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