[kehitysmaaliike-l] Vielä ehtii: Round table discussion on REDD plus - update and experiences tiistaina 30.5. klo 9-11

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Mon toukokuu 29 00:14:45 EEST 2017

Round-table discussion: REDD-plus - update and experiences

Time: Tuesday May 30th, 2017 at 9:00-11:00 am
Venue: Lintulahdenkatu 10, 1st floor auditorium, Helsinki

What does the global REDD+ scenario look like currently? How has it 
changed after the Warsaw Framework for REDD+ and the Paris Agreement? 
What lessons have been learnt from the REDD+ programmes and pilot 
schemes funded by several actors, such as the Forest Carbon Partnership 
Facility, UN-REDD Programme and international NGOs? What kind of 
experiences do CSOs and community conservation actors have on REDD+? 
Does REDD+ contribute to reducing emissions from deforestation and 
forest degradation, and sustainable management of forests? What are the 
DOs and DON'Ts related to REDD+?

Siemenpuu Foundation invites its founding member organisations and 
others interested to discuss the above and other topical REDD+ questions 
together with our guest Elizabeth Díaz from the World Rainforest 
Movement and other invitees in a round-table discussion. The aim of the 
discussion is to share experiences and learn about REDD+ from different 
perspectives in order to improve our collaboration with partners in 
developing countries.

Reducing emissions from deforestation and forest degradation and the 
role of conservation, sustainable management of forests and enhancement 
of forest carbon stocks in developing countries (REDD+) is a mechanism 
developed by Parties to the UNFCCC since its eleventh session in 
Montreal (December 2005). At COP-11 there was general agreement on the 
importance of the issue in the context of climate change mitigation, 
particularly in light of the large contribution of emissions from 
deforestation in developing countries to global greenhouse gas 
emissions. Since then, the COP has adopted a number of decisions on 
REDD+, including the "Warsaw Framework for REDD-plus" (WFR) and its 
inclusion in the Paris Agreement.

Since its launch, REDD+ has inspired a multitude of global and local 
discussions. It has also become more present in the working contexts of 
Finnish environmental CSOs' partners in developing countries. Therefore, 
Siemenpuu Foundation took the initiative to organise this round-table 
discussion. This type of exchange of experiences on topical themes 
between the Finnish CSOs was deemed fruitful at another round-table 
discussion earlier this year.

Participants of the round-table discussion:
-    Elizabeth Díaz, Member of staff, World Rainforest Movement
-    Maija Kaukonen, Forest officer, WWF Finland
-    Olli Turunen, Coordinator of development cooperation, Finnish 
Association for Nature Conservation
-    Adrián Monge Monge, Doctoral student, Viikki Tropical Resources 
Institute, University of Helsinki

The Siemenpuu Foundation was founded in 1998 by 15 environmental and 
development organisations in cooperation with the Ministry for Foreign 
Affairs to enhance the funding to the groups from the Global South. The 
Finnish Association for Nature Conservation (FANC) and WWF Finland are 
founding organisations of Siemenpuu. For more information on Siemenpuu, 
please visit our website: www.siemenpuu.org