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*Civil Society Dialogue between EU and Turkey*

*19 September 2016*

*Venue:* Kulttuurikeskus Caisa (Mikonkatu 17 C, 00100 Helsinki)

Join us to discuss the challenges of Syrian refugees in Europe,
opportunities of networking between NGOs in Turkey and EU and integration
models in policy-making at International Cultural Centre Caisa. *Welcome!*

*8.30                Coffee*

*9.00                *Welcome speech, *Cátia Suomalainen Pedrosa*,
Cultural Centre Caisa, Director


*12.00                First session*

                    - Refugee reception system in Finland, *Olli Snellman*,
Finnish Immigration Service

- Best Practices about refugee children in EU, last situation, Syrians and
their status in Turkey, *Pelin Sönmez* (PhD) –HAGEV

- Integration plan and services in Finland, *Tarja Rantala*, Ministry of
Economic Affairs and Employment

- Finnish Red Cross: Reception centres and activities for refugees in
Finland, *Mehalet Yared*, Multicultural Activities, Finnish Red Cross

- Best practices in Education system in Italy, *Laura Granvillano*, CEIPES

*12.00                 Buffet lunch*


*16.00                 Second session*

- Protecting vulnerable asylum seekers in Finland, *Tuija Åstedt*, Helsinki
Deaconess Institute DIAK

- Field Reports for local residents and Syrian refugees in Istanbul, *Filiz
Ayseli*, New Generation Development Association

- New Methods in Education System, *Zeki Uyar*, Ezekiel Academy

Work of Finnish Refugee Council, *Milla Mäkinen*, Finnish Refugee Council

- Education System in Turkey, *Tuba Nur Uyar*, Ezekiel Academy


*16.30                Third session*

Networking opportunities for participants

The seminar is free of charge but registration is required. Please REGISTER
<https://goo.gl/forms/TBrFzgqLM68JLrDr2> to the event

If you cannot use the registration form to register for the event, please
send email to: register at africancare.fi
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