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On Friday the 13th, HAFF screens at the Nihtisilta reception center, with
the director discussing the role of art and culture in transforming

Helsinki 9.5.2016

The 7th Helsinki African Film Festival (HAFF) starts on Tuesday 10-15th May
2016 at Kino Sheryl (Arabia).

The festival showcases African films from across the richly diverse
continent. The official selection includes films and collaborations from
more than 30 different countries, capturing the dynamism of this fast
changing continent. HAFF 2016 is screening 22 feature and 25 short films,
many of them award winning.

Art exhibition An Emigrant’s Son, by Irina Schuvaloff, opens in
collaboration with HAFF and Kino Sheryl on Tuesday 10th.


At the awards ceremony, the historical drama ‘La Isla’ will be screened
followed by a serving of Egyptian food, Moroccan delicacies and live music
by Nia Chailin. The director and producer of ‘La Isla’ will be in
attendance. ‘La Isla’ tells a story of a soldier, sent to a deserted island
off the Moroccan coast to monitor smugglers and illegal immigrants, he
finds a Sub-Saharan man, washed up on the beach. The unlikely pair then
inadvertently trigger a diplomatic incident that crescendos into a regional
military crisis. The awards cover different categories and will be
presented by invited guests, representatives of missions, including the new
ambassador of South Africa, the embassy of Morocco and Egypt, among other
HAFF partners and sponsors.


As a part of the festival, HAFF is screening ‘La Isla’ at the refugee
reception center of Nihtisilta. The producer and director, Ahmed Boulane
(visiting Finland from 10th to 15th of May), will hold a discussion on role
of art and culture in transforming societies.

The  theme of this year’s festival, Africa Movements: Move, includes
selection of the films that explore issues which are ultra contemporary
with regard to the world we are living in and the inter-connectedness of
the global humanity. Persons, societies, boundaries are moving and the
various films screened capture the change and transformation taking place
in the ever globalising world.

*The partners to HAFF this year include:*

● South African Embassy

● Moroccan Embassy

● Egyptian Embassy

● Arabian Street Festival 2016

● Finnish Social Forum 2016

● Kino Sheryl

● Shalin Finland

● Villa Karo

● Taksvärkki

● Anna Lindh Foundation

● Institut Français

● Finnish Institute in the Middle East

● Iso Numero

● Teria Sira

● Finnish-Arabic Society

● African Agribusiness Incubator Network (AAIN)

● Club Mascot

● Afro Sunday

● AfroJazz Club

● Mioona

● Weir’s Way

● Fime Säätio

● HMAloe


HAFF is a festival that brings each year an entertaining and
thought-provoking selection of contemporary African films to Finland. The
diversity of films and activities offer an insightful look at the dynamic
and conflicted changes that are taking place in Africa, exploring critical
issues of development from a deeper reflective perspective. The festival
showcases Africa and provides a refreshing antidote to the prevailing
one-sided portrayal of a richly diverse continent.

For the official selection of the films for HAFF 2016, visit the website

Tickets: http://kinosheryl.fi/haff

Address: Arabiankatu 8, 00560 Helsinki, Finland / Hämeentie 135 C

For event updates: FB https://www.facebook.com/HAFFhelsinki/

Twitter: Twitter: @HAFFhelsinki  #HAFF16

HAFF Team 2016



More information:

Anna Kaisa Dele

Helsinki African Film Festival/Production Coordinator

anna-kaisa at haff.fi
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