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HAFF Screens Atlantic + Panel Discussion on the Refugee Crisis Sunday

‘Refugees and Immigration: From Crisis to Solutions’

Place: Hämeentie 13 C (Kino Sheryl)

Time: 15:30

Date: 20.9

As part of the Screening of Atlantic  at Kino Sheryl on Sunday 20
September, there will be a discussion on the topic: ‘Refugees and
Immigration: From Crisis to Solutions’. The discussion will be focusing on
the character of the current so-called refugee crisis and solutions.  Anatomy
of the Refugee Crisis: What’s really going on?  What are the Practical


Fatima Usman. AFAES - Africans and African Europeans Association
Osama Alaloulou, PhD student in Human Rights
Ilkka Jaakkola, expert on the Kurdish question
Olivia Maury, Free Movement Network

Moderator: Nina Björkman (Phd Student)

Organised and supported by Shalin ry
<https://www.facebook.com/SHALINry?fref=ts>, the Finnish Red Cross
Refugees Welcome <https://www.facebook.com/groups/1470928706568423/?fref=ts>,
Free Movement Network <https://www.facebook.com/vapaaliikkuvuus>, AFAES ry
<https://www.facebook.com/afaespage?fref=ts>,  Kino Sheryl
<https://www.facebook.com/kinosheryl?fref=ts>, Nordic Cultural Fund and The
Natural Beauty Shop <http://www.naturalbeautyshopfinland.com>

Atlantic Screening Times

Sunday 20th September 15:30

Thursday 24th September 17:30

Snacks and Refreshments provided by AFAES and the Natural Beauty Shop


Atlantic is a sensitive but poignant film about a young man’s dream of a
better future in the context of Europe’s increasingly closing borders.
Beautifully shot on the Moroccan coast, Atlantic tells the story of a local
fisherman who risks everything in the pursuit of a dream.  A skilled
windsurfer, Fettah intends to cross the Atlantic on his board. After
training his mind and body for the crossing, he sets off on an epic journey
towards an undefined dream, risking everything. Every action is a
reflection and exploration of the deep life changing moments behind every
human decision.

It’s not a straightforward immigration drama, however, but perhaps best
described as a poetic and beautifully shot surfing film with a powerful,
contemporary message.

Tickets to the screening can be purchased here

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