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Kepa is organising two trainings on

     *Social Change Facilitation* and

     *Creative Learning Organisations and Leadership*

with the Barefoot Guide connection and CDRA of South Africa.

The situation in Finland is changing, it is a new season, and many of us are left uncertain and anxious about how we can bring our contribution.

**What is really needed now and what can we bring to a world that seems to be unravelling so quickly?**

This course will provide an opportunity for participants to take a different look at practice and to explore new possibilities in the face of new uncertainties and opportunities.

“In searching for the truth be ready for the unexpected.
Change alone is unchanging.
The same road goes both up and down.
The beginning of a circle is also its end.
Not I, but the world says it: all is one.
And yet everything comes in season.”
Heraklietos of Ephesos, 500 B.C

The Social Change Facilitation training will be on Tuesday to Thursday, October 20th to 22nd, at 9-16 each day.
Creative Learning Organisations and Leadership training will follow on Friday and Saturday, October 23rd and 24 th, at 9-16 on both days.
The fee for each training is 30€ for Kepa members, 60€ for other NGOs, 120€ for others.

See more about these trainings:

Please, register<http://kepa.fi/tapahtumakalenteri/ilmoittautumislomake> as soon as possible. Trainings will be modified according to the experience and expectations of participants.

Tuovi Tolonen
Koulutussihteeri - Training Secretary
+358 50 317 6695
tuovi.tolonen at kepa.fi
Skype: kepa_tuovi_tolonen

Kepa ry
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Kepa on yli 300 kansalaisjärjestön kattojärjestö ja globaalien kehityskysymysten asiantuntijajärjestö.

Kepa is an NGO platform and an expert on global development.
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