[kehitysmaaliike-l] Project funding application formats, guidelines and e-service

Marjukka Mankila marjukka.mankila at kepa.fi
To Maalis 15 12:58:45 EET 2012

Dear all,

The Ministry for Foreign Affairs of Finland's Project Guidelines for 
civil society organisations applying Project support for Development 
Cooperation have been updated. The new version is available on MFA web page.

The Ministry is also changing the application system to e-service, and 
new application forms have been produced. In the Ministry for Foreign 
Affairs web page you can see now the draft versions of the forms.

Please note that these forms are not the technically final forms that 
can be returned via e-service. The final technical versions will be 
published on this page when the application round opens. Now the 
following draft documents are available:

1. Organization basic information form

2. Project application form

3. Continuation project application form

4. Instructions for project application form

5. Personnel expenses form (for organisations applying less than 100 000 
euros total for 3 years)

6. Project document (for organisations applying more than EUR 100 000 
total for 3 years)

The e-service system means that organisations who are applying have to have:
1. Business ID (Y-tunnus), more info at the National Board of Patents 
and Registration and the Tax Administration web page:

2. KATSO-ID (KATSO -tunnus), more info at web page Finnish Tax 

Best regards,
Marjukka Mankila
Hankeneuvoja – Project Advisor
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