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Announcement for Consultancy Services for Training and Lecturing
on Disaster Risk Reduction and needs assessment

Fida International (Fida) is a Finnish faith-based Development Co-Operation NGO. Since 1974 Fida has run development co-operation with the support from the Ministry for Foreign Affairs of Finland (MFA). Fida is one of the partnership organisations of the MFA, and has a framework partnership agreement with the European Commission Directorate-General for Humanitarian Aid (DG ECHO).
Fida is currently implementing a humanitarian aid action "Humanitarian Partnership Forums" which is funded by the DG ECHO to improve the quality and effectiveness of humanitarian aid responses delivered by non-governmental humanitarian organizations. The specific objective of the action is to improve competence of international partner networks to manage good quality humanitarian aid response with equal rights of all beneficiaries, especially the most vulnerable groups. The action focuses on disaster preparedness in the communities where the partners work and have influence.  Fida is facilitating the forums to train humanitarian workers (training of trainers, TOT) and to enhance the networking of humanitarian organisations in South Asia, South East Asia, Horn of Africa and in the Great Lakes Region of Africa.

Purpose of the Consultancy
The purpose of the assignment of the Consultants (trainers) is to develop and provide training of trainers (TOT) in scope of Disaster Risk Reduction (DRR) and needs assessment for humanitarian aid purposes focusing on most vulnerable groups (MVGs). The lecturers are required to introduce updated topics on the subjects of the action.
Location of the trainings:


Training venue




South East Asia

Thailand, Chiang Mai

Forum 4.1
Forum 4.2





Burundi, Bujumbura

Forum 4.1
Forum 4.2




South Asia

Sri Lanka, Colombo

Forum 4.1
Forum 4.2

29.3. - 2.4.2011



East Africa

Kenya, Nairobi

Forum 4.1
Forum 4.2

29.3. - 2.4.2011



South Asia

Nepal, Kathmandu

Forum 4.1
Forum 4.2




Horn of Africa

Ethiopia, Addis Ababa

Forum 4.1
Forum 4.2

(tentatively in April)

Requirement for Consultants
Consultants, Fida is looking for, should be professionals with demonstrated experience of NGO sector, having training skills and expertise on DRR and issues linked to humanitarian aid such as Code of Conduct and Sphere Minimum Standards. He/she should also be familiar with Hyogo Framework for Action (HFA) and Climate Change adaptation from civil society perspective. High standard of written and spoken English (and French in Burundi) is essential; knowledge of local language will be an asset.

Submission of Applications
Interested consultants are advised to send an application letter indicating their interest, professional fees, and short comments on the planned program and training methods the applicant intends to use.
A copy of the CV, highlighting expertise and experiences on the training subjects of the assignment should be enclosed.
Applications should be sent by e-mail to Aimo.Kakriainen at fidadevelopment.fi<mailto:Aimo.Kakriainen at fidadevelopment.fi>  as soon as possible. However for Thailand forums the deadline is 7th February 2011. Please mention "Consultancy for HPF trainer" in the subject line.

Detailed information of assignment
Forums *



Forum 4.1: Need assessment and vulnerable groups
-   5 days training of trainers (TOT) for participants who attended forums 3.1 (DRR)  and 3.1.extra (additional 2 days training for MVG  representatives and community leaders on DRR)
-   Last day of training jointly with forum 4.2.

-    Needs assessment
-    Special measures assessing and participating MVG groups
-    MVGs inclusion in DRR, DRM and humanitarian response
-    Networking, media and communication for DRR and humanitarian response
-    Information sharing/access  during the crisis situations

Needed expertise on the subjects:
-   Needs assessment/Sphere Minimum Standards, Code of Conduct, HFA, CCA, etc.
-   International laws and rights in scope of MVGs, humanitarian aid and DRR
-   MVGs inclusion in policies and practices in the organisations and communities
-   Mainstreaming issues in scope of DRR and humanitarian response:
§  people with  low SES, poverty,  ethnicity
§  People with disability
§  Gender issues
§  Child protection
§  Media, communication and networking

Forum 4.2: Networking (NGO's, media, corporate, etc.)
-   2 days forum;  first day introduction/training of DRR, second day discussion forum
-   Discussion forum between selected INGO's and local NGO's, civil society and MVG
-    Government, media, education and research, business, etc  representatives invited
-   Discourses/lectures on issues linked to DRR, DRM, humanitarian response, participating MVGs, networking and cooperating on DRR, HFA and CCA

-    Debating  on topics related to DRR, CCA and humanitarian aid
-    Special measures assessing and participating MVGs  in humanitarian response, DRR and CCA
-    Enhancing networking, information sharing and cooperation for DRR

Needed expertise on the subjects:
-   Trainers/facilitators:  International laws and rights in scope of MVGs, Needs assessment/Sphere Minimum Standards, Code of Conduct, HFA, CCA, etc.
-   Lecturers: Subjects linked to and covering the topics of the forum
Lecturers will represent various stakeholders as relevant from:
§  INGOs/ NGOs cooperated with
§  Finnish embassies
§  Fida and the local partners
§  National DRM institution or regional/local DRM authorities
§  MVGs
§  Education/research

 *) This is a continuation of Forums (trainings) organised last fall.

Helsinki 27.1.2011

Aimo Kakriainen

Action Coordinator

Humanitarian Partnership Forums

Fida International

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