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*Supporting Southern Advocacy, Wednesday February 9th, 2011 *

Supporting Southern Advocacy -training aims to support and inspire NGOs 
to integrate advocacy aspects into their work approach and to support 
the advocacy work of their Southern partners. This will be done by 
sharing experiences from South and examining NGOs´ expertise and ideas 
on how to support advocacy and capacity building of their Southern 
partners. A fundamental question is related to the roles and relations 
between the Northern and Southern NGO, especially in the context of 
advocacy work.

Shalmali Guttal (Focus on the Global South, Thailand) and Leidy Ortega 
(Casa de Panchita - Peru) will share their expertise in advocacy along 
with Kepa´s global policy and training network staff as co-facilitators.

The training is intended for the Finnish NGOs who deal with global 
advocacy work or development cooperation, and are interested in 
integrating advocacy aspects into their approach as well as supporting 
the advocacy work of their Southern partners.

The training combines presentations and discussion, and it focuses on 
the questions related to interaction between the Northern and Southern 
NGOs, such as:

- what has to be taken into account in advocacy work in the South
- what can Northern NGO do to support Southern advocacy
- what are the challenges and possibilities in supporting Southern advocacy
- role of Northern NGOs in advocacy
- some experiences of advocacy work (especially in the contexts of 
Peruvian and South& SouthEast Asian experiences)

*Time:* 9.2.2011 | 09.00 - 16.00

*Registration*: http://www.kepa.fi/tapahtumakalenteri/8624

*Place:* Dialogi meeting room at Kepa, Töölöntorinkatu 2 A, 00260 Helsinki

*The course fee* is 10 € for Kepa´s member organisations, 20 € for other 
NGOs, and 30 € for other participants.


*Leidy Ortega* is coming from Peruvian organization called Asociación 
Grupo de Trabajo Redes - La Casa de Panchita, and is presently working 
as a Southern volunteer in Feminist Association Unioni in Helsinki. The 
Peruvian organisation´s campaign "Let's do something, now!” involves in 
preventing the migration of people under 14 years of age to work in 
domestic service in the cities. The campaign reaches out to and includes 
congressmen, local authorities, employers, families, media, members of 
other organizations, and others.

Leidy Ortega is a social psychologist, responsible for planning and 
facilitating employment and personal skills trainings (e.g. Senior 
care), organizing the psychological council, providing support to these 
women in issues related to improve their communication skills, self 
esteem, empowerment and prevention of violence.

*Shalmali Guttal * is the Coordinator of the Defending and Reclaiming 
the Commons programme, and also has specific responsibility for Focus' 
mainland Southeast programme. She comes from an NGO background and over 
the past 15 years has worked in India, the United States, and most 
recently, in the Lao PDR and mainland Southeast Asia. Her academic 
background is in the social sciences with particular emphasis on 
participatory education and qualitative research particularly committed 
to ecological justice, especially in relation to food sovereignty, 
climate change, land, water and other natural resource rights, and 
economic security. Climate justice is an important dimension of 
ecological and economic justice and Focus approaches climate change from 
a political economy perspective. Over the past several years, Shalmali 
has written extensively on the impacts of national, regional and 
international economic and development policies on farmers, indigenous 
and other local communities, women and eco-systems.

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