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*MKFC Stockholm/Helsinki College Launch Workshop for eLearning and ICT
Training Programmes in East Africa*

MKFC Stockholm/Helsinki college in collaboration with eCAP East Africa will
be having a workshop launch on 1st February, 2011 from 8.00-12.00p.m in
Nairobi, Kenya. The launch will be a forum for show casing the importance of
eLearning and ICT in different institutions. MKFC Stockholm College is a
Swedish, publicly funded academic eLearning institution providing adult
education. MKFC was founded in Sweden in 1991 as an institution whose aim
was to educate immigrants. This focus group has however in recent years
shifted to cover education for all groups in Sweden. In 2001, the school
packaged all it’s learning content online, making it the first institution
in the Nordic Countries conducting 100% eLearning. Since then, MKFC has used
eLearning to support different educational communities' capacity to innovate
and build economic growth and in 2008, MKFC extended to Finland forming MKFC
Helsinki College. Our eLearning model won the Boldic Award in 2008 (
http://www.boldic.net/). We have exported our education network for example
to Pakistan, Ghana, Somalia, Tanzania, Palestine and Syria.

The theme of the workshop will be *Sector Based eLearning, Capacity
Development and eInclusion*. NGO's who will participate in the workshop will
be able to have first hand experience with our eLearning interactive
training courses and methods of integrating ICT in their projects. It will
also be a good networking opportunity with Learning Institutions and
Companies, who will also be attending the launch. There will be 3 working

1. Co-orporates and Businesses – *eLearning for Skills Development; **Social
media in business*

2. NGO’s – *Training through eLearning;* *Using ICT in Development Projects
& Capacity Building*

3. Learning Institutions – eLearning for Life-long Learning, eInclusion and
Capacity Development

If you would like your partner NGO's to attend this launch, please send an
e-mail as soon as possible to eva at mkfc.se with the name of the organisation
and their contact details.

More About eCAP and MKFC Helsinki College: www.helsinkicollege.se,

Eva Kagiri

MKFC Helsinki College

Piritanaukio 3B, 19

00150, Helsinki



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