[kehitysmaaliike-l] VAROITUS: Gates-Foundation rahoitustieto järjestöille oli huijausviesti!!

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Ti Tammi 11 11:43:27 EET 2011

Hyvät KEPA:n sähköpostilistan käyttäjät,

Ke 8.12. KEPA:n sähköpostilistan kautta levisi tieto Bill and Melinda
Gates Foundationista ja sen rahoitusmahdollisuuksista
kansalaisjärjestöille. (Viesti kts. viimeinen viesti alla.) Matti Lahtinen
oli lähettänyt tämä viesti eteenpäin KEPA:n sähköpostilistalle.

Uskoin viestin tietoihin, ja lähetin tiedot eteenpäin
yhteistyöjärjestöillemme Tansaniassa. Sieltä lähetettiin rahoitushakemus
viestissä ilmoitetulle sähköpostiosoitteelle. Sieltä tuli vastaus, jossa
pyydetään että hakijajärjestö maksaa 2500 USD hakemuksen käsittelykuluja.

Tämä antoi aihetta epäröidä,  ja tutkimme Gates Foundationin kotisivut
tarkemmin. Gates-Foundationin oikea kotisivu on:  www.gatesfoundation.org
Kotisivussa (oikealla alhaalla) on kohta, jossa varoitettaan
nettihuijauksista Gates-Foundationin nimellä. (’Important Information on
e-mail scams’). Tämä klikkaamalla selvisi, että koko alkuperäinen viesti
oli nimenomaan nettihuijaus, jonka tarkoitus on saada hakijajärjestöt
maksamaan maksuja epämääräiselle, rikolliselle taholle.

Tässä siteeraus:


Several scam emails and websites claiming to be from or associated with
the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation are currently circulating on the
Internet in a number of different languages. They often include our logo,
photos, links, or other information taken directly from our official
website, located at www.gatesfoundation.org. The foundation makes every
effort to stop such scams, but unfortunately, a number of them still get
through. The foundation does not solicit donations or request any type of
administrative or handling charges for its grant applications. If you get
a request that appears to be from the foundation for any type of payment,
or if you receive an email or communication seemingly from the foundation
that you feel is suspicious, please disregard that communication and
contact us at info at gatesfoundation.org.
Several of these scams are fairly sophisticated. Recently, several
legitimate websites posted a request for the submission of grant
applications to a Ms. Agnes Hienz at
secretariat at bill-melindagatesfoundation.org. This is not an authorized
foundation email address. Applicants are asked to provide a detailed grant
application and comprehensive financial information about their
organization. Prior to receiving their grant award, applicants are also
asked to make a $2,500 payment to cover the administrative and handling
fees for the grant award. These emails, websites, and accompanying
materials and claims are in no way associated with the Bill & Melinda
Gates Foundation, Bill Gates, or any foundation employees.
Some scams direct users to an infected website or claim the recipient has
won a lottery or other prize and request detailed personal information or
a payment of some kind in order to receive the winnings. Others claim the
recipient has been invited to a conference or summit purportedly hosted by
the foundation and request the submission of a registration fee or other
expenses to attend. Other scams include web sites that promise large
returns on investments and claim a portion of returns will be donated to
the foundation.
The following are tips to help you avoid email scams:
•	Be suspicious of unsolicited emails that ask for personal or financial
•	Avoid filling out forms in email messages.
•	Log on to official websites instead of clicking on links embedded in an
•	Contact the organization that is supposedly sending the email to verify
if it is genuine.
•	Be wary if you receive an email saying you won a lottery or have been
awarded a grant.
•	Be cautious if you are asked to wire money.
For more information about the Federal Trade Commission's efforts against
these kinds of fraud, please visit
http://www.ftc.gov/bcp/menus/consumer/tech/scams.shtm. You can also email
your inquiries about scam email, letters, and phone calls to
info at gatesfoundation.org.'

Viestin tiedoista on siis aihetta varoittaa, ja ilmoittaa varoitus
eteenpäin niille, joille itse olet mahdollisesti lähettänyt viesti
eteenpäin. On ikävä että nettihuijarit käyttävät tällaisiakin keinoja
kansalaisjärjestöjen vahingoittamiseksi.

Terveisin Tansaniasta,

Uwe Ottka
Chief of Development (ICSW)
Project Manager (CISUNET)
The Finnish Federation for Social Welfare and Health (STKL)
Kotkankatu 9
00510 Helsinki, Finland
uwe.ottka at stkl.fi
Tel: (Finland) +358- 40- 042 7995
Tel: (Tanzania) +255 - 773 391046.

Uwe Ottka
Kehittämispäällikkö (ICSW)
Projektipäällikkö (Tansania-hanke)
Sosiaali- ja terveysturvan keskusliitto (STKL)
Kotkankatu 9
00510 Helsinki
uwe.ottka at stkl.fi
puh (09) 7747 2222
gsm 0400- 427 995
faksi (09) 738 123
puh (Tansaniassa): +255 - 773 391046.

Tässä vastausviesti Tansanialaiselle hakijajärjestölle, jossa mainitaan
2500 dollarin käsittelykuluja. Viestistä poistin Tansanialaisen
hakijajärjestön tietoja. - Uwe
----- Forwarded Message ----
From: "info at billmelindagates-foundation.org"
<info at billmelindagates-foundation.org>
To: xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
Sent: Thu, December 23, 2010 8:24:39 PM
Subject: Application recevied

Dear applicant,

We are in receipt of your application for grant proposal.

And, we have forwarded your application forms to our team of selectors for

Our grants decision team will contact you; as soon as a decision has been
on your case and once your application has been reviewed.

More so, you will receive a follow up package, if your application is

At Gates foundation, we take our grants decisions seriously. When we
review your
application, we'll consider more than just numbers on a piece of paper.

We will evaluate all of the elements in your application file. This
provides us
with a complete picture of who you are.

Our Grants Decision Team carefully considers every application for grants
to Gates foundation. So you can count on our team of dedicated
professionals to
consider you based on your merit, financial need, and ability to
contribute to
your immediate community.

The Gates foundation does not solicit for donation of any kind; but, selected
applicants shall be required to pay an acceptance fee of $2,500 only for
insurance cover and shall be enlisted in our media publication and press

The appraisal fee surcharged for the agency “security services” handling the
insurance policy of your grants.

Please complete the attached grant obligation form and return to us.

I shall be willingly to accept the grant offer; having read the provisions in
the Application guidelines and agreed to abide by all the terms and
of the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation and; thus understand that if the
application for my grant proposal is found successful.

Good luck.

Ms. Agnes Hienz
Publicity secretary
Grant Scheme Committee
Seattle, WA 98102, USA

Tässä alkuperäinen viesti KEPA:n sähköpostilistalle:

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  Otsikko: [kehitysmaaliike-l] FW: Grant Circular
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From: Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation
[mailto:info at billmelindagates-foundation.org]
Sent: 7. joulukuuta 2010 14:30
To: info at gate-foudation.com
Subject: Grant Circular

   The Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation


     Application Tender for Grant Awards

The Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation (B&MGF or the Gates Foundation) is the
largest transparently operated private foundation in the world, founded by
Bill and Melinda Gates. The foundation is "driven by the interests and
passions of the Gates family" The primary aims of the foundation are,
globally, to enhance healthcare and reduce extreme poverty globally to
expand educational opportunities and access to information technology. The
foundation, based in Seattle, Washington, is controlled by its three
trustees: Bill Gates, Melinda Gates and Warren Buffett. Other principal
officers include Co-Chair William H.
Gates, Sr. and Chief Executive Officer Jeff Raikes.

To make further progress on these commitments, Bill & Melinda Gates
Foundation (B&MGF) encourages Youth organizations, Socio-Cultural
Organizations, Community organizations, Educators, Scholars, Researchers,
Health Organizations, Professionals, Business Organizations, Decision
makers in the public and private sector, Representatives of Governmental
and Non-Governmental organizations (NGOs), Religious organizations, Human
Right Organizations & Women Groups, Institutions and Individuals to apply
in various categories of the on going grant award  scheme for  the use of
global health, poverty and development, education and information; and
other special projects in Europe, Africa, Asia, Oceania, North America and
South America.


Interested applicants should contact us by email at our main office for
further information on application procedure:
(info at billmelindagates-foundation.org)

Best Regards,

Ms. Agnes Hienz

Publicity secretary

Grant Scheme Committee

Seattle, WA 98102, USA

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