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Annukka van der Borch


Education for Peace, Human Rights, and Justice*

July 29 to August 10 2007 at Utrecht University 

The Netherlands


In today’s society, fear and violence have a great impact on people’s lives. Many young people grow up without joyful perspectives for a future in peace and justice. Financial investments in violent solutions to conflict are higher than investments in prevention and long term peace building strategies. However, many strategies and competencies have been developed these last 5 years to contribute to cultures of peace. Peace education is the first condition to build a sustainable peace. In this Summer school, you as a student, a teacher, a social worker, a politician, civil servant or parent, will learn new strategies to create a peace culture. This will take place in an international setting where theory and practical exercises will alternate with social time and visits.    


After a successful experience with the 2006 Summer school, this Summer school 2007 offers again an introduction to education for peace, human rights and justice, as it is formulated by the UN Decade for a Culture of Peace and Non-Violence for the Children of the World (2001-2010). The Summer school builds on the paradigm of the initiative European Education as Peace Education (EURED). In Europe we find rich traditions of peacemaking, reconciliation, peacekeeping, non-violent conflict resolution, of living together and of achieving unity in diversity. These experiences have made an important impact in the field of education.


 *   This Summer school is one section of the interdisciplinary course Culture, Conflict and Concord in Europe. More information at www.utrechtsummerschool.nl (look under social sciences)

During the Summer school international experts and practitioners will treat subjects such as: 

-          insight in the mechanisms of war and peace, violence and non-  violence;

-          skills to manage conflicts in such a way that violence does not become an option;

-          an attitude of respect for and interest in the diversity of needs, visions, and religions; 

-          insight in options to contribute to a peace culture as a basis of political action. 


The Summer school Education for Peace, Human Rights and Justice  offers two weeks of lectures, workshops and excursions. Methods of learning include both classical university style lectures as well as alternative methods. A certificate, worth 3 ECTS, is offered to those students who actively participate in the course and who successfully deliver a paper on a relevant education topic. Time for writing the paper, as well as a mentor are included.  


The Summer school takes place in the city of Utrecht, a historic and beautiful town in the centre of the Netherlands, not far from Amsterdam. An excursion to the Anne Frank House is included in the Summer school curriculum. As is leisure time in and around Utrecht.


Organisation: Utrecht University, Faculty of Social Sciences.


Target group: Graduate students, young academics, teachers, social- and youth workers, and other professionals with an open mind and eagerness towards new ways of learning. 


Fee: € 675 including accommodation (food not included).


Accommodation: arranged by the University


Period: July 29 to August 10

Deadlines for application: 

April 1, 2007 for people who need a visa to enter the Netherlands.                                                                                                                                   

May 15, 2007 for people who do not need a visa.


More information and applications: l.vriens at fss.uu.nl and annukka at vanderborch.com

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