[kehitysmaaliike-l] Questionnaire for ex-JPO's

Jukka Aronen jukka.aronen at kepa.fi
Ke Nov 29 13:53:25 EET 2006

Dear receiver,

I am trying to make contact with ex-JPOs, as part of a study of the 
experiences of Junior Professional Officers who have participated in MFA 
Finland-funded projects within the Finnish bilateral development 
cooperation programme.

The purpose of the JPO program is to ensure that Finland will have 
sufficient development cooperation capacities in the future. I have 
tried to find out from the MFA something of the policy of the official 
JPO program and have been disturbed at the lack of information 
available. It seems that no-one actually is certain how the JPO program 
originated, nor has there been much reflection regarding the purpose or 
evaluation of the results. This intrigued me and made me want to find 
out more from previous or current JPOs, about your motivations, how 
things went in reality, and what you have done since – including whether 
you are continuing to be interested in development work and what 
barriers you have faced in finding work in this area.

I am conducting this study on a personal basis. I am keen to study this 
topic both for the purpose of supporting current JPOs in the field in my 
own work, and also to feed back to the MFA, in the hope of improving the 
scheme in the future. I would like to either interview ex-JPOs or ask 
you to fill in a questionnaire, which could be returned by email.

I will keep your comments anonymous, unless you state that you are happy 
to have your name associated with them.

If you know other JPOs or ex-JPOs I would be very grateful if you could 
either pass this message on to them or send me their contact details.

Thank you for reading this far and I hope that you can contact me on:
pamela.white at terraconsulting.fi or call me on +358 40 760 7960. I will 
then send you the questionnaire. It can be filled in either in Finnish 
or English.

If you are in Helsinki and would be interested, we could also meet and 
discuss your experience in person over a coffee.

Thank you, Pamela


Tiedon välitti
Jukka Aronen, Kepa

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