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Date: Tue, Oct 13, 2020 at 2:21 AM
Subject: Comparative and International Education Seminar
Cc: Hansen, H Petteri <petteri.hansen at helsinki.fi<mailto:petteri.hansen at helsinki.fi>>

Dear colleagues,

Petteri Hansen and I are organizing the "Comparative and International Education Seminar", which starts in the end of this month. It is part of the PhD studies curriculum (for the sake of credits), but Master's students and other people interested in discussing comparative and international education topics are welcome to join us.

Please share this information with your colleagues (and students).

In case someone is interested to participate, please send me an e-mail by 20.10.2020 (helena.candido at helsinki.fi<mailto:helena.candido at helsinki.fi>), so I can add your e-mail address to the mail-list for sending Zoom details (and other important info).

Best regards,

Helena Hinke Dobrochinski Candido, PhD

Academy of Finland Post-Doctoral Researcher
Faculty of Educational Sciences, University of Helsinki
Siltavuorenpenger 1B, room 563<https://www.google.com/maps/search/Siltavuorenpenger%0D%0A+1B,+room+563?entry=gmail&source=g>, 00014, Helsinki, Finland
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Subject: [seduce-l] Registration open: SED-913 Comparative and International Education Seminar

Dear students,

Why do educational ideas and processes vary? How does education relate to wider social factors and forces? How does local education intertwine with global trends? Which role(s) can education play to mitigate the worldwide challenges that we currently face?

If you have ever asked similar questions…
If your research looks for answers to these sorts of questions, adopts a comparative approach, relies on cross-cultural analysis, and examines the research object from an international perspective…
If you are a critical thinker and have an innovative mind concerning local and global issues…
Or if you are just curious about comparative and international education…

You are all welcome to join our Comparative and International Education Seminar!

This seminar focuses on Comparative and International Education from different perspectives. It covers a variety of theories and research designs, focusing on the comparative and international components of distinct research materials. Our main goals are to engage students with current debates in the field of Comparative and International Education, to encourage them to participate in scientific/academic discussions and argue about their research choices, and to critically evaluate their peers’ and their own research in the light of Comparative and International Education methodological and theoretical approaches. We will promote interaction and collaboration with peers, good practices of giving and receiving feedback, and reflection.

Participants are encouraged to design the meetings, suggest reading materials and define the working methods. In addition to the existing literature, we will discuss participants’ own texts during the seminars. The seminar will organize guest lectures and workshops with participants, emphasizing different expertise, promoting circulation of knowledge and opportunities for networking.

We will have meetings via Zoom every other Tuesday from 10:00 to 12:00. Our first meeting will be on 27.10.2020. Next meetings in 2020 are on 3.11, 17.11, and 1.12. We will continue the seminar in 2021, with scheduled sessions on 19.1, 2.2, 16.2, 2.3, 16.3, 30.3, 13.4, 27.4, and 4.5.

Students will be assessed based on their active participation in the seminar and will receive 5 credits upon completion.

Please contact Helena Hinke Dobrochinski Candido (helena.candido at helsinki.fi<mailto:helena.candido at helsinki.fi>) by 20.10.2020 if you are interested to join the Research Seminar in Comparative and International Education.

The registration to the seminar is now open until 19.10.2020.

Go to registration: https://weboodi.helsinki.fi/hy/opettaptied.jsp?OpetTap=137420107&html=0

Best regards,
Helena H. D. Candido & Petteri Hansen

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