How to Solve Today's Wicked Problems in Global Citizenship Education Using Paulo Freire’s Approach


Dates: 16-17 December, 2019, from 9am to 4pm

Place: Fingo Amazon-training room 6th floor

Elimäenkatu 25-27,


The space is accessible.

The Amazon is burning, natural resources are running out, climate change threatens all of us and inequality is increasing. It is no secret that we are facing enormous global problems today. Some of us ignore the issues, some freeze in front of them and many of us simply feel hopeless. How would Paulo Freire approach these wicked problems we face today? Freire would not give us any miraculous quick-fix for tackling these challenges, as he believed that, ‘“No one knows everything and no one knows nothing; no one educates anyone, no one educates himself alone, people educate each other, mediated by the world”.

Come join us and discover out how critical, engaging and problem solving based Global Citizenship Education is done today both in the Global South and North, by using Freire’s approach. In this training, we will co-create and deepen our level of understanding of quality Global Citizenship Education and its connection to the Sustainable Development Goals.

This training is meant for civil society organization employees and volunteers with some experience in Global Citizenship Education, development communications and campaigns. This participatory training will encourage participants to engage in brave, innovative teaching/campaign strategies for Global Citizenship Education and introduce new and creative ideas and tools for their work, by using Freire’s approach.

During the training, you will get familiar with principles distilled by American scholar Michael Q. Patton (*) from the use of Freire’s approaches in Brazil, Guinea Bissau, and the United States. You will be able to identify how some or all of them are embedded in your work and the work of Southern organizations. You will also learn how to better apply them in your own work. It may be an opportunity to take stock of your Old Year's achievements/challenges and create good expectations and new contacts to face the New Year

The trainer will be Madza Ednir from São Paulo, Brazil. Madza has a long history of educating teachers, principals and community leaders and supporting processes of change in Brazil. Her main interest is to connect educators all over the world, to promote education for global learning and for sustainable global society. Madza has a lot of experience in Freire’s approach, having studied and worked with Professor Paulo Freire. She has planned this workshop in dialogue with Fingo’s educators and with her colleague Claudia Ceccon, a Facilitator of Educational and Social Changes, a Freire’s ideas implementer.

(*) Michael Quinn Patton , the founder and director of Utilization -Focused Evaluation and author of several books on Evaluation,   has been studying and applying Paulo Freire’s principles in his practice since the years 1970, when he first read the  “Pedagogy of the Oppressed”.


This training is organized in cooperation between Finnish Development NGOs - Fingo and Bridge 47 – Building Global Citizenship. Bridge 47 is a project led by Fingo, co-created by 15 European and global civil society organizations. Bridge 47 mobilizes civil society all around the world to contribute to global justice and the eradication of poverty through Global Citizenship Education. Bridge 47 is co-funded by the European Union.


Training fee:

60€ Fingo’s member organizations

120€ other organizations

240€ other participants.

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The training is held in English.


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