FINGO’S TRAINING: Service Design Journey Map Operations  


Date: 29th January 2020, 9 AM-4 PM.

Place: Fingo´s Amazon-training room, 6th floor

Elimäenkatu 25-27

 Helsinki, Finland

The space is accessible.

Last day of registration: January the 22nd

Do you want to get hands on facilitation tips and tricks on how to use service design tools in your organization? Do you also want to learn how to scale service design throughout teams and organizations by using it as a customer-centric management tool?


This training is meant for CSO/NGO employees or volunteers with basic understanding of and some experience in servicedesign.


Besides covering the basics of service design and its core tools such as personas, system maps, and journey maps, this training focuses on how to embed and scale service design throughout teams and organizations by using journey maps as a customer-centric management tool to coordinate projects around customer and/or employee experiences. Journey Map Operations is a system of digital journey maps and respective coordinators who are in charge of projects impacting customer experience. We will outline the system and give hands-on tips how to set this up in your organization. You'll also get 20 lessons learned of embedding and scaling service design in teams and organizations. Moreover, you'll experience facilitation tips on how to use journey maps successfully in research workshops as well as a management tool.


The trainer Marc Stickdorn is the CEO and co-founder of More than Metrics, a company developing service design software for service designers. As editor and co-author of the award-winning book “This is Service Design Thinking” and the second edition “This is Service Design Doing”, Marc has contributed to the development of the field for many years. Besides having gained many years of experience as a trainer and a consultant, he is also associate of renowned service design agencies and professor at various business and design schools.


Fingo will prioritize its member organizations and other civil society organizations in the registration, maximum 2 participants per organization. After submitting your registration please send us a short description (3 bullet points is sufficient) of how you will utilize the learnings of the training in your organization’s work. Send the description to These descriptions will be used in selecting the training participants if the training will be overbooked.


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 Training fee:


Fingo’s member organizations 30€

Other CSOs/NGOs 60€

Other participants 120€  


The training is held in English.

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