You are invited to join us for a lively discussion with the renowned human rights and environmental activist Kumi Naidoo. Kumi has been fighting against some of the most pressing effects of the climate crisis and will share his insights on the impact of environmental challenges on migration. We are welcoming young creative minds, including high-school and university students, journalists, human rights activists and academics to contribute to take part in the discussion with Kumi. The talk will focus on the relation between climate change, human rights and the accelerated movement of people.


When: 24.11.2021 at 20.00

Where: Online, link to join will be sent to registered participants

How to join: Please register latest on 23.11


Kumi Naidoo started as a social justice campaigner at a young age and took part in an anti-apartheid protest in South Africa. His activism led him to be expelled from high school, several arrests and eventual exile in the UK. He was able to return home when Nelson Mandela was released from prison in 1990 and continued standing for civil society in South Africa. Later in his career Kumi has led several international organisations, including being the

Executive Director of Civicus, the Executive Director of Greenpeace International, and the Secretary General of Amnesty International.


Kumi is currently a Richard von Weizsäcker Fellow at the Robert Bosch Academy and Honorary Professor of Practice at Thunderbird School of Global Management at Arizona State University. He lectures at Fossil Free University, served as special advisor to the Green Economy Coalition and is currently on the Global Leadership Council for the Sanitation and Water for all group. Kumi serves as Global Ambassador to Africans Rising for Justice, Peace and Dignity. He is a Visiting Fellow at Oxford University and an Honorary Fellow at Magdalen College.


Kristina Mänd is the coordinator of the “I Am European” project in NGO Mondo. Her passion is rooted in the role of civil society making and in the access to the quality of life. In addition to Mondo, Kristina is also the Senior Expert on e-Democracy at the e-Governance Academy helping leaders and organisations to understand the value of engagement and digital solution to enhance that.


Kumi and Kristina worked together for many years in CIVICUS and are excited to join forces once more for the interesting and challenging topics of migrations and climate change.


This event is organised by NGO Mondo as part of the project “I Am European” that is co-funded by the EU, Estonian Ministry of Culture, National Foundation of Civil Society and Estonian Ministry of Foreign Affairs from the funds of development cooperation and humanitarian aid.




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